Tailored fixed price menu for travel agencies, tour operators, private groups

Our restaurant can host at lunch and dinner organized groups up to 60 people.

Our family runs also another bigger restaurant-pizzeria, 200 hundred meters from Idrovolante, so we are able to host group much larger than 60 people.

We can create specific tailored menu on your needs and budget with seafood, lake food, land food and pizza. We offer this service to private groups, corporate groups, tour operators, travel agencies.

We have a top location right in front of the main harbour where you can find the ferry boat stop to “Monte Isola” island and we have decades of experience with groups.

Contact us

Contact us at info@idrovolanteiseo.it and please specify:

  • Data
  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Number of people
  • Preferences about food type or specific plates
  • Budget
  • Type of group (eg: tour, corporate, birthday, etc…)
  • Any other need

Are you looking for a hotel too?

In the same building, run by the same family, you can find AMBRA HOTEL. Ambra is a 3 star hotel with a unique location in the hearth of Iseo. We can offer bed and breakfast service, plus your desired lunch/dinner, 12 of 29 total rooms have furnished balcony with view over the harbour.